We (Collette O’Leary and Rebecca Coates) met while studying a winemaking degree at Plumpton College in 2011. We bonded over a mutual appreciation of good wine and an excitement for the boutique, ‘virtual’ wineries of California we discovered while working there in 2013 and 2014. An idea took seed and we brought it back to the UK, launching Urban Foxes Winery in 2015.

City-dwellers with a love of the countryside, we saw an opportunity to make the kind of wine we wanted to drink. English wines that are elegant, vibrant and distinctive and that can be traced to the vineyard they came from. Wines to be enjoyed with all types of food and shared with friends and family.

Our first wine, a still Bacchus was released in 2017 to critical acclaim, followed by our still Pink Pinot in 2018.

Our 2018 still wines are now available and our first sparkling vintage will be released shortly.


Collette and Rebecca